Scope of Activities

Intro Scope

Our know-how is in the areas related to furnace construction, means that we can offer a comprehensive service in all fields according to clients specifications.

The expertise of our specialized departments guarantees the best possible solution in the following areas:

  • Demolition and Waste Management.
  • Steel structure fabrication & installation.
  • Controlled furnace cool-down.
  • Hot drilling and electrode insertion.
  • Refractory & Steel materials logistic management.
  • Total refractory installation.
  • Industrial chimney construction & refractory lining.
  • Cold & Hot repairs.
  • Hot sealing & Insulation.
  • Furnace heat-up / Cullet filling.
  • Pre-manufacturing and installation of duct for metal-line cooling duct for combustion air and installation of electrical blowers.
  • Electrical and instrumentation cable laying and installation of electrical equipments.

Our Goal

FURNOTHERM’S goal is to provide overall service and good value for money to its customer in glass industry from project conception until completion and commissioning.

Utilizing our experience that has been gained from 20 years of global activity, we understand that our attention to detail and quality as well as dedicated services is the key to our company’s success.

Goal Scope

We have total confidence in the skill of our employees and their knowledge. The company’s search for the latest and best installation techniques conforming the employees acceptance has enabled FURNOTHERM to be the leading furnace construction company.

With the implementation of safe working practices, ensuring good industrial relations, adopting high performance specifications monitoring is the route to promote excellence on our contracts, with quality assurance second to none.

These attributes enables FURNOTHERM to create a competitive advantage by providing high efficiency to execute solution with superior quality, low cost and outstanding customer satisfaction.

Facilities & Services

FURNOTHERM has the facility to perform on site and in workshop, steel fabrication for float furnaces. In recent times, in some countries, due to unavailability of desired steel profiles of ‘H’ beam and other structural sections, we have fabricated the beams from steel plates with the maximum accuracy.

FURNOTHERM is also well known for its services in the field of Heat-up & Hot / Cold drilling for boosting electrode insertion which makes FURNOTHERM the unique service provider in India.

Services Scope

FURNOTHERM offers a comprehensive maintenance, contract covering all hot-repairs, Regenerator decongestion by high velocity burners or Manual Poking method. We have a dedicated team of expert technicians / masons for critical hot repairs & hot insulation work.

Before Scope


After Scope


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